June 2018 Updates

Over the course of June we have made several updates to the game, the details of which can be found below:

Improved Point Drop Odds

The odds of finding TL16 and above items has been greatly improved. In fact the chance of finding a TL16 has improved by nearly 5 times the original rate. This increase drops off as tech level increases all the way to TL20 which saw a 25% increase. We hope this allows our marines the ability to improve their gear going forward. The odds of free hourly drops remain the same (no increase of odds).

Special Search

A new page has been added to the helpdesk which gives you access to a special search. When a special search is launched it will be announced in the ingame chat. Then you can visit the help desk page in order to spend points and do a special search. This special search gives you a chance to find a desirable item ever y time you do it. Even if you don't find the special item you are guaranteed to find a piece of gear, and the odds of the drop are comparable to the point drop within the app. You are only allowed to do one search every 5 minutes, and only five searches per day.

Reduced Size of Squads

We have reduced the number of players in a squad from 25 to 8. We hope that this helps to spread the players around more and create more of a fun and competitive war experience.

Harder to Repeat in Wars

From now the war score you receive is reduced 10% for each of the last four wars your squad has won (rounded down). For instance if your squad has won 2 of the last 4 wars, where you would normally receive 12 war score you instead receive 9 (12 * 0.8 = 9.6 rounded down = 9). We hope that this makes wars more competitive and fun.

New War Targets

We have added 500 NPCs to the game which are active and all a part of the same nonexistent squad so that they can be worth war score during wars. They have names like Marine 301 and have stats similar to the existing Infect Marine NPCs. We are sure this will help greatly availability of targets during wars.

Improved PBP

We have added new elite versions of monsters to the game which have slightly improved stats while also granting a higher cash reward. You should now see better targets on average when patrolling the perimeter of your base.

Super Allies

We have also added 3 new NPCs which will be active indefinitely and are auto accepting ally invites. If you are short allies be sure to seek them out and toss them an ally invite. They are named Claudio, Omnio and Gideon.

Reduced Videos per Day

We have reduced the number of video ad refills to 2 per day. This is largely because they have become more of a drain on the game rather than a source of income to sustain it.

Spread Equipment Unlocks

Previously all the items of the same Tech Level were usable at the same player level. Now we have reduced the level requirements for Helmets, Weapons and Shields so that the player will have more fun moments of progression in the game. For instance at Tech Level 10 Armor and Boots still unlock at level 250, but now the weapon unlocks at level 195, the shield unlocks at 215 and the helmet unlocks at 230.

Announce Equipment Unlocks

When a player upgrades their equipment to TL 7 or higher it will be announced in the shoutbox. This only occurs the first time the player equips an item.

Reduced Squad Boss Health

We have reduced the health of squad bosses to 2/3 of their previous values. We hope this helps offset the loss of squad members.


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