Squad Wars

In Zombie Moon Squad Wars are a two day free for all in which squads compete to see who can come out on top. They begin at 12am on Thursday and end at 11:59pm Friday (server time).

During this period when you attack members of other squads you will earn War Score for your own squad. The score earned is determined by the levels of the players involved in the combat. During Squad Wars the attack range restriction is eliminated for targets that are in squads. If you attack someone that would normally be below your attack range they are worth less War Score than someone who is either in your range or above it. The formula is target's level divided by ten for people within or above your range, and target's level divided by twelve for targets below your range.

At the end of the Squad War period the top five squads (determined by score and then by level in case of tie) earn a bonus that lasts until the next war. This bonus is a percentage applied to your current squad bonus, and may exceed the infrastructure limit. The bonuses are as follows:

1st: +50%
2nd: +40%
3rd: +30%
4th: +20%
5th: +10%

For instance were you a member of the 2nd squad during the war, and the level of your squad was 200 but your infrastructure was only 80, you would normally get +80 all stats as a squad bonus, but with the addition of the war bonus you would get +112 (80 * 1.4 = 112). But your fearless leader who actually has 200 infrastructure would get +280 instead of +200. If you leave your squad or go inactive you instantly lose your war bonus. The war bonus is lost as the next Squad War begins, and new members cannot be added during war time.

Important Notes:
1.  It is important to remember that it does not matter which squad your members attack.  Your victory only adds to your own squad's score, you cannot "take away" scores from another squad.  

2. You don't have to war if you don't want to, there is no penalty for "losing" a squad war - so if your squad is last in the listings, it will not affect your standings nor statistics.  Your ally bonuses and squad bonuses are unchanged.  Nor do you "lose" anything if another player attacks you or members of the squad you are in (other than if you forgot to bank your cash!)  You simply gain further bonuses if you place within the top 5.



Please be sure to attack players in other squads - players who are inactive or squadless will provide zero points for your squad in a squad war.

One way to ensure that is to use the Advanced Search (looks like a magnifying glass with a gear icon) and select the
[√] IN SQUAD ? choice. When you search with this filter, your list will exclude players who are not worth war points.

You will in either case see the war points value of the player next to their icon in the battle list.


|..| 0 - Infected Marine 1234 [ATTACK]
|..| ACTIVE: 1 year ago
|23| ALLIES: 0/1

This opponent will not help you in the war.

|..| 8 - A player [ATTACK]
|..| ACTIVE: 1 hour ago
|88| ALLIES: 9/9

This target will provide 8 war points.  Remember, the war points are determined by taking the target's LEVEL / 10 for people within or above your range, and target's LEVEL / 12 for targets below your range.


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