How do I play this game?

After creating your character, tap the various buttons to go to different sections of the game. At any time you can tap the house icon in order to return to the home screen. Tap the exclamation point to go to the missions page, the crosshare to attack other players, etc. Certain actions will require you to expend supplies or energy in order to perform them.


How do I get Supplies and Energy?

Supplies automatically regenerate at a rate of 1 per 2 minutes. Energy automatically regenerates at a rate of 1 per 6 minutes. Additionally, you can expend points to instantly restore supplies or energy. You will also re-fill supplies and energy whenever you level up.


What is stockpiled supplies / energy?

 Whenever a player levels up, they will be awarded their maximum supply and energy. If this would put the player above their normal maximum, the surplus will be stockpiled in the base and ready to use at any time. For example, if a player has 5 energy when they level up, their energy will then be 15/10, with the surplus 5 energy being stockpiled.


How do I complete missions / patroll the perimeter?

Tap the exclimation point button to go to the missions page. From here you will have access to story missions, and if you are level 10+ you may also patrol the perimeter. To do so, simply tap the continue button of the desired action. Each action requires supplies in order to perform it. Each mission is comprised of several parts, and completing all the parts will give the player a special reward and unlock the next mission. Continually patrolling the perimeter will allow the player to patrol farther and farther from the base, gradually facing more challenging situations.


What are supply drops?

Supply drops are a reward which can be collected once every three hours. A player may accumulate as many as 3 supply drops at any time. Opening a supply drop will reward the player with items and/or money. Additionally, players may spend points in order to instantly get a supply drop.


How do I make money?

Players can earn money by completing missions and patrolling the perimeter. Additionally defeating another player who is currently holding unbanked money will allow you to take some of their cash on hand.


How do I use the bank?

In order to access the bank, go to the home page by tapping the house button. From there, tap the bank button. At the bank you may deposite credits into a secure location so that other player cannot steal your money if they defeat you in comat. You must deposite at least 50,000 credits at a time, and any time you deposite credits the bank will take a cut. Additionally, and base upgrades you purchase will take the money directly from your bank and will not use cash on hand.


How do I get equipment?

Equipment can be obtained by opening supply drops.


How do I attack Other players?

Tap the crosshare icon then tap the "attack" button next to a player's name. If you are unsatisfied with the quick search results the game provides you, you may use the search field at the top of the screen to search for a specific player.


What does my base do?

Your base will give you various benefits. Upgrading it's infrastructure will allow you to get more benefits. For each level of infrastructure, you can also pay to increase each of your stats by 1. Increasing your infrastructure also allows you to recruit more allies and referrals.


How do I upgrade my base?

Go to your base by tapping the base icon from the home screen. From here you can pay to upgrade your infrastructiure by tapping the upgrade button. Additionally, you may pay to increase each of your stats by tapping the arrow underneath each stat. The amount that each stat can be increased by cannot exceed your base's current infrastructure level. Finally, every 10th infrastructure level will also allow you to recruit 1 more ally and referral. Purchasing an upgrade takes money directly out of the player's bank, it does not use cash on hand.


What do allies / referrals do?

Each active ally or referral will give you various benefits. Each active ally or referral will increase all of your stats by 1, as well as giving you a bonus based on their equipment.


How can I get more allies / referrals?

The number of allies / referrals a player can have is restricted by the infrastructure level of your base. Every 10 levels of infrastructure you can invite another ally. To become allies with another player you must visit their profile and tap invite. Alternatively you can enter someone's referral ID into the text field on the allies page. In order to gain referrals, a new player must enter your referral ID in the referral field when creating their character.


How do I find my referral ID?

Your referral ID can be located in your profile page. Tap the house button to return to the home page, and then tap the profile button. On the profile page your referral ID can be located under the "player info" heading, beneath your player name and current level.


What are points?

Points can be used to instantly refill your supplies or energy. It can also be used to instantly obtain a supply drop. The current number of points a player has is indicated by the number next to the star icon in the top right of the screen.


How do I get points?

Points can be obtained by completing special missions. Alternatively points can be purchased from the game store. To access the store, tap the farthest right icon on the bottom of the screen to access the settings menu, then tap the store button.

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