What methods are available to purchase Points?

The main payment method is dependent upon the platform that the game is running in.  Each of the App Store providers requires that purchases made for apps obtained from their store use their payment offering exclusively.

This means that if you are to play Zombie Moon on an Android device and make a purchase it will go through Google Play's offering (Google Wallet).  If you later use an iOS device to play and log into your account any unused points will of course be available however purchases made while using that device would go through Apple's App Store and vice versa.  Similarly, if you later install Zombie Moon onto a Kindle and log in there, your unused points and all other account information would be playable from that Kindle but all future purchases using that device would automatically go through Amazon's store.

Here is a  list of each platform and the provider payment method:

Android -  Google Wallet

iOS - Apple Store

Amazon - Amazon Store

Web1 - PayPal (Access at http://www.zombiemoongame.com/HelpDesk/upgradeaccount.php)


1. ZombieMoon is currently not playable through a web interface. However, Points can be purchased using the web interface and they will be credited directly to your account.

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